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Ahmadullah Mirza

Web Developer

I started my programming career with a blog. From editing my xml templates to a full stack software's. I like to code and program in my free time as a hobby.

About me

I am a full stack web developer and designer, I have got an impressive urgency of learning and gaining new skills and knowledge with total ease. languages and other skills given bellow:

  1. HTML/CSS, JavaScript 2. Python, Nodejs. 3. Responsive Design, Web design 4. Design, Logo, Banner .etc

Some Featured Projects

Peer to peer video chat
Featured project

Peer to peer video chat

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Featured project


Elevate your GitHub profile with our beautiful profile generator app. Choose from a variety of customizable themes and layouts to create a unique and ... generator app.

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Altaf Hassan

Manager at Trickyworlds

Keeps deep understanding of web development technologies, Talented and effective team member who keeps himself Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices

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